As time has changed the use of wire and cables has also increased with the advancement of technology. Most of the people have the habit of furnishing there are house with expensive furniture, walls painted with different and wow colours and uses the high class equipments to make the house more attractive in the same you use the electronic which uses wires and cables which is all over your house and office which distract the whole look and present it as mess in the whole house and office because wires and cables are the things which make the place untidy.

Wires and cables are an important part of your house and office to run the equipment you are using and the most important thing is to hide them by using the exact method or storing them in a way that they do not get muddled. Wires and cables simply not give the look to the room but it can prove dangerous to you and managing them is time-consuming also.

We have bought some tips to by which you can organize the wires and cables at your home and office for the attractive look.

  • In this, the first step is to find which wire connected with which device so you can easily find out about each cable use and their application. And it will give you aid by locating the wires which are of no use and you should disconnect those wires.
  • When you identify the wires with their work and have separated from each other than in the next step you have to discard the broken wires, threw those wires so it can prevent from any future accidents and usage.
  • After discarding the broken and unused wires, in the next step, you have to label each wire, as you have already know the functioning and use of each wire and label it’s with purpose. You can also mention the name of the equipment for which wire is connected this will tells you about each wire in the future.
  • Then in the next step, you have to make a cluster of the wires which are using for similar device and purpose. Make a bunch of wires of the same equipment and ties them with thread or a Velcro, after tying them together you can hide them properly.
  • In the last step, you have to hide all the wires in a place where they are not visible to anyone and in such a place that is away from the children reach and does not catch fire.

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