PVC Plumbing Fittings

PVC Plumbing Fittings for residential buildings

Home plumbing system is very simple. Fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc. are used by the residents and water comes with pressure in these water outlets. If a water heater is installed, water is heated before it is passed through the fixtures. We provide many types of PVC plumbing fittings used to make a plumbing system. These fittings are described here.


We provide adaptors, which are used to connect dissimilar pipes. Adaptors are made in such a way that they can be male on one side and female on the other. The non-threaded ends can be welded to join the pipes. These are best suited for PVC and copper pipes.


Hoses are connected to the pipes using barb fitting. The end of barb is male. The other end is in the form of a tube, which has a tapered cone. Plastic barb are used for carrying cold water while brass ones are used for warm one. We have all types of barb fittings, which the customers can use for their home.


The pipes of same diameter can be connected with this fitting. The broken or leaking pipes can also be repaired with coupling. Rubber seals and gaskets are used for compression fittings. We provide couplings along with all the accessories to connect the pipes.


Cross fittings has four ends and can be used to connect four pipes. There can be three inlets and one outlet or one inlet and three outlets. We provide both types of cross fittings.

Double tapped bushing

This is a nipple with threading on inside and outside. Since the central hole is threaded from top and bottom, it is called double tapped. This fitting is usually female and we provide this fitting.


Our PVC elbow fitting has a bend and the fitting is used to change the direction of water. Elbow also has reducer variation and it can be used when the ends of both pipes are different.

Mechanical sleeve

The mechanical sleeve that we provide connects the pipes with the help of screws. The installation of pipes becomes easy with this fitting. It is made up of rubber and can be inserted in a metal jacket.


This short PVC fitting helps to connect two other fittings and not the pipes. This fitting is male and their lengths vary. We also provide nipples of varying lengths.

Plug and cap

This fitting is used to close pipes during inspection and repairs. The fitting is is made from different materials like PVC, metal, or rubber. The fitting can be glued, welded, or threaded into the pipes.

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