PVC Pipe Fittings

Usage of various types of PVC Pipe Fittings

Plumbing is related to all types of pipes and fittings. Pipes are used to let the water in or out and fittings are used for various purposes like changing direction, sprinkling, repairing broken pipes, prevent leakage, and many others. There are many materials which are used for making pipe fittings but PVC is most preferred. We have all kinds of PVC fittings, which can be used for all kinds of requirements. These fittings are available in all sizes and the customers can pick the ones, which suit their plumbing system. Here is the list of PVC pipe fittings that we provide.


The adapters are the fittings used to connect the pipes that are not similar at the end. This ends the need of including more setup in the pipes.


Bushings are also used to connect the pipes of different sizes. The fitting is used to reduce the flow of water in a large pipe. This fitting is threaded from inside and outside. Another advantage is that, it uses less space in comparison to other fittings like union or coupling.

Caps and plugs

Caps are used to close a pipe at the end and plugs are also used for the same thing. The plugs are threaded and are fitted inside the pipe so that it can be used further. In order to fit the caps, they can be glued or soldered.


Couplings are used to change the size of the pipes. The threads available in this fitting are female. These are also available in unthreaded form and can be glued to attach them to the pipe.


Elbows are used to change the direction of flow of water. There are three angles in which the elbows are available and these are 22.5 degree, 45 degree, and 90 degree. The elbows are available in either threaded or sweated form. The threads available in the elbows are either male or female so that they can be easily connected to different kinds of pipes.


Flanges are also used for connecting pipes by welding them. The welding helps to set the pipes together with bolts. This fitting is mostly used in industries as pipes have to handle high pressure. The residential pump systems can also be connected using flanges.


Nipples consist of male threads at both ends. The threads are present through its length and straight pipes can be connected with this fitting. The threading helps to connect the pipes tightly.

Tee Fittings

Tee fittings are used when water supply is needed in more than one branch. The angle between outlet and inlet is 90 degrees and size depends on the run.

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