We all know that in today world technology is changing day by day and in the same way in plumbing fitting, new technology has been taken place with new products and materials that are easy to use and cheap for the customer to buy. Nowadays plastic plumbing is constructed in the standard residential and commercial construction projects that are easy to install. These fittings are found in the prepacked kits for using at sinks, toilets, and other places of the house and office.

There are many types of fittings available for you:


The nonthreaded fittings are still used for the PVC plumbing as it comes in different variety and in different sizes, and shapes for the basic connectors which are in the shape of S-bends, U-joints, L-joints, caps and, P-traps and reducer as they are manufactured alongside the right the PVC pipe which can be fit in any number of pipe in any number of settings instead of when you are taking 8 inches to drain pipes and 2 inches sink setting then it must be glued with the PVC pipe to work it effectively.


The modern version of PVC fitting is the threaded fitting. A threaded fitting is made for the use of reducers, joints, and stand-alone cap, as you can also use plumber tape to cover the thread of fittings as they have been designed for the watertight once it was secrew together. Thread fittings are used for the metal pipes and the pipes have male and female ends which you can join together easily.


Many people still using primer and glue so it can fit the nonthreaded plumbing fitting together. When you cut the pipe according to the size and you dry fit everything it together to check it that you have cut the correct length of the pipe. Before fitting you should clean the pipe with the old rag to clean the debris and dust from the pipe. In the next step you can prime the outside of the male fitting inside the female fitting with the primer which comes in purple color and next you have to apply the pipe cement and connect all the pieces and wait for the glue to set it down in the pipe.


Most of the flexible fittings have replaced the old device such as P-traps under the sinks and connectors of the toilet tank. They are made of the flexible plastic which has gasket and thread fitting on each end of the pipe has a combination of wires and plastic for supports.

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