CPVC Pipe Manufacturers

AKG is one of the CPVC pipe manufacturers who mabufacturers various types of CPVC pipes which can be used in different systems. CPVC is a plastic piping system, which is used for plumbing purposes. The system was introduced in 1959. We also provide CPVC pipes for various purposes whether it is for home, commercial establishment, drainage or any other system.

Advantages of CPVC Pipes

Here are some of the advantages of using CPVC pipes

  • The pipes are durable and reliable for a long time.
  • It has got much resistance to corrosion and `tuberculation.
  • The weight of the pipe is low and so it can be transported easily. So the shipping and labor costs become low.
  • The pipes are available in various sizes and so a customer can by the pipe, which is appropriate for his requirement.
  • These are very tough so do not break easily during installation.
  • These can be joined without the use of any flames.
  • The installation of the pipes is easy due to its lightweight.

Application of CPVC Pipes

The CPVC pipes provided by us can be used for various purposes, which are described here.

Industrial Applications

CPVC pipes can be used in industries for different purposes.

Chemical processing

The pipes can be used for transporting many types of chemicals under pressure. The industrial staff should not worry about the corrosion, as the pipes are resistive towards it.

Chlor Alkali

These are the chemicals, which corrode a pipe easily, but this is not the case with CPVC pipes.

Commercial Plumbing

The pipes are reliable as they are resistive to corrosion and this makes them reliable and durable.

Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinklers

CPVC pipes can be used as fire sprinklers in residential buildings. The structure can be single or multi storey building.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

The CPVC pipes have anti corrosive properties due to which it can transport water of any pH value from one part of the building to another. The pipes are also resistive towards fungi and bacteria if additives are used in the water that is to be transported.

Types of CPVC Pipes Products

There are various types of CPVC pipes provided by us, which are discussed here.

Pipes and fittings

As mentioned earlier, the pipes are resistant to corrosion so they can be used for handling pressure, temperatures, and other things that can damage a pipe.


The pipe can be used as fume handling system so it can be in the form of duct, industrial sheet, and welding rod.

CPVC Installation Methods

The CPVC pipes can be installed easily due to its lightweight. The pipes can be cut easily to size it as per the requirement of the customer. Another advantage during installation is that the pipe is easy to cut so the y can be fitted easier than the metallic pipes.

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